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For anyone that's interested, I create characters for anyone to use; they all have "Open Source" next to their names in the title for your convenience.

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Open Source: Sargasso, The Ever Changing City…
Open Source: Tulpaverse…
PDR Multiverse…
PD Trademark Name Game…
Main Article: Sargasso, The Ever-Changing City

Parts of the continent outside the Ever-Changing City could be considered just as or even more dangerous then the city itself, as while the gangs of Sargasso are a recurring headache for the law-abiding citizens, there are other civilizations that will rival and/or surpass the Ever-Changing City in terms of how miserable the average person can get while living there. As while Sargasso has multiple superbeings that keep the peace & give the civilians some peace of mind, these other civilizations hardly have such pleasantries.

The Floridian Glades originated from an Earth where America's own Sunshine State is actually one massive organism. An organism that is sapient, but was willing to live alongside the humans that settled on it. Though due to the years of abject stupidity from the humans such as introducing invasive species that screwed with the native wildlife and the environment, the organism we call Florida had more then enough of the humans' bulls**t, but it didn't have the power to effectively fight back at the time, other then occasionally have a small number of wild boars, alligators or even herpes-infected monkeys have brief skirmishes with the humans.

That was before a great cataclysm occurred and a very large chunk of Florida was ripped away, and it ended up unceremoniously dumped into The Super Sargasso Sea. While the initial shock of having much of your state dropped into The Multiverse's dumping grounds did eventually wear off for the humans, being stranded in another dimension was the least of their problems at the time, as there was a much more dire issue under their very feet. As when the chunk landed in the Super Sargasso Sea, the energies that flow through it affected the organism, granting what it considered some much needed power. This resulted in the organism being able to have control over a greater number of animals then it had before, though it mostly used the herpes-infected macaques since they are more stealthy then the boars and not as limited on land like the alligators, though the monkeys had their own mutations that the organism didn't see coming.

The disease that the monkeys transferred to humans by biting and scratching ended up becoming an affliction that more resembles lycanthropy, but instead of converting into werewolves, the infected become somewhat less intelligent and more ape-like, with different people gaining features that come from other species of primates such as the long, prehensile tails of monkeys; the jaws and posteriors of baboons; the muscle mass of gorillas; the fur color of orangutans and the proportions of gibbons. For the sake of identification, we will dubbed these creatures "Ooonts." And they too can spread their mutation to other humans.

Though that wasn't the only bits of mutation that occured, as reptiles like alligators and formerly pet iguanas & monitor lizards have not only have increased in size and intellect, but also have developed other features such as spikes, horns, neck frills and back fins (Click here & here for examples). These types of reptiles have been dubbed "Slurps" by the Ooonts due to the slurping and hissing noises the reptiles make that they seem to use for vocal communication, which somehow the Ooonts are able to understand and communicate back.

And while the Boars (Oinks to the Ooonts) didn't become that much larger then normal, they too became more intelligent, but they are still just as likely to violently attack the Ooonts in retaliation for their past transgressions against Florida itself when they were human as they did before. The Ooonts have also seemed to have an understanding of the boars' language of oinks, grunts and squeals. Though if a normal human were to translate the Oinks' language, it would be a long string of various insults and threats of violence.

After the mass majority of humans have became Ooonts, modern human society has effectively collapsed, having been reduced to multiple warring tribes that constantly compete for more territory. And some of these tribes are made up of what can be best described as monstrous mongrels since Ooonts also have the libido of Bonobos Apes and can & will mate with whatever they can manage to woo without getting mauled to death from the attempt. Examples being that in different parts of the swamplands, there are tribes of Ooonts that have mated with Slurps, resulting in offspring (aka Sloonts) that have scales, spikes, horns and some being more like humanoid-shaped Slurps with fur covering much of their bodies. While some tribes of Ooonts in the more forested areas have somehow mated with Boars, resulting in offspring (a.k.a. Boonts) that are more stout and broad shouldered, having a set of tusks and their boar parent's bad attitude.

The main thing about all these tribes is that they all gained a connection to Florida itself, which they consider the organism to be their "Land Mom". Though only the individual tribe's shaman is able to fully interpret her messages, and each tribe gets completely different messages so one major conflict between tribes is whose message was the correct one. This was intentional on the organism's part, as it keeps the former humans at odds with one another and keeps them from coming together and possibly try & rebuild something similar to their former society. Though it hasn't stopped several Ooont tribes from scrounging the borders of the landmass into the Super Sargasso Sea to find items of interest, mostly things to beat their enemies other over the head with.

This state of barbaric living has lasted for many years, until some sort of force moved the entire landmass to collide into another nearby landmass, which was the same continent that The Ever-Changing City was perched on, though it was a considerable distance away from the city's limits and it was right next to another civilization, one that was once the state of California.

Though fortunately for the humans on the continent, the disease that originally created the Ooonts had hardly any affect on these humans besides showing symptoms of the common cold.


This is a project that I have now done for a full year. And I really want to share it with you all.
Open Source: Sargasso, The Ever-Changing CityIf you are or were a writer, have you ever had plans to write a story that hasn't got off the ground?
Have you planned many things for it and wrote those ideas down, such as the setting, characters, magical/technological macguffins & plot devices that are needed for the plot to move forward?
Have you ever have gotten to a point where you look at one or more of your ideas and go, "This won't work" and decided to scrap it?
Or have you ever just looked at the whole project after so much time and decided to scrap it entirely?
Well, I think I have something that writers could use, if only so that their old ideas don't go to waste.
Picture if you will: A continent made from a hodgepodge of vastly different locations from all across time, space and the entirety of the Multiverse, like someone used hundreds of vastly different model location sets and put them all together into a massive collage.
And imagine this continent ontop an almost infinite sea of junk, bits and bobs from different p

To sum this up, it is a Superhero / Urban Fantasy setting that takes place in a massive metropolis built from stolen city blocks and other locations from all across The Multiverse and put in The Super Sargasso Sea. And with each new piece that gets added, new heroes, villains, giant monsters, magical/technological macguffins and all manner of lifeforms are also added.

Currently there are 6 unique races, over 30 individual characters to choose from, and a growing amount of supplementary material that helps to flesh out the world a bit.

This setting was made specifically for people to use and build upon. Kinda like if you have a universe like DC, Marvel, even Warhammer 40K, that you can use to create your own stories. Stories that you yourself would like to be told when companies like Marvel fail to deliver.

Do you have a character, item, location, etc, that you scrapped or no longer use?
Maybe they'll have better luck in this setting. Be given new life as it were, either by you or someone else if you wish to donate them to Sargasso (i.e. make them Open Source for this setting).
  • Listening to: Paradise City by Guns N' Roses
If you are or were a writer, have you ever had plans to write a story that hasn't got off the ground?

Have you planned many things for it and wrote those ideas down, such as the setting, characters, magical/technological macguffins & plot devices that are needed for the plot to move forward?

Have you ever have gotten to a point where you look at one or more of your ideas and go, "This won't work" and decided to scrap it?

Or have you ever just looked at the whole project after so much time and decided to scrap it entirely?

Well, I think I have something that writers could use, if only so that their old ideas don't go to waste.

Picture if you will: A continent made from a hodgepodge of vastly different locations from all across time, space and the entirety of the Multiverse, like someone used hundreds of vastly different model location sets and put them all together into a massive collage.

And imagine this continent ontop an almost infinite sea of junk, bits and bobs from different points of totality, from that missing sock from your washer to military vehicles to even abandoned city blocks.

This sea is the Super Sargasso Sea. A dimension into which lost things go, whose existence was proposed by Charles Fort, writer and researcher into anomalous phenomena. And in this context, "Lost Things" can also be entire locations from across the Multiverse.

And in this ever growing continent lies a city, made up from other cities that were effectively removed from their realities, like someone moved a location to another spot far from the initial plot. Each district of this ever growing city are from different eras of history. Each district is a physical conglomeration of 10 years in a point of history, so you can have one district that represents the Prohibition Era where the Vampire Mafia rules; A district from parts of the 1940s when WWII was in full swing and gangs made of both Allied and Axis forces battle for dominance with unusual superweapons, both Alien and Supernatural; A district that was taken from The Roman Empire, who's leader wants to expand into the other districts with the help of their local deities and demigods. And two districts based on the 80s & 90s where Punk and Grunge intermingle with one another in a 90s Beat-Em Up fashion.

Outside of the city itself are suburbs made from small villages of time periods such as the Middle Ages, the time of the Puritans, The Wild West and The Golden Age of Piracy. The wilderness that surround the civilized portions are from time periods like the Cambrian Era, The Age of the Dinosaurs, The Ice Age, and even from a reality where beings that evolved from reptiles into humanoids, ruled the Earth from ancient but highly advanced civilizations.

All that is just the basic template for you to work with, as whatever force removed those locations from their worlds and onto the Super Sargasso Sea may have also transported the setting & characters of your scrapped story to this continent while the unused weapons and macguffins you created could become a part of the Sea, where someone may find and have a use for them.

I declare this location to be Open Source, though I would like to have some credit if you ever use it.

Edit (6/12/2017): I'm adding a list of the inhabitants in the city so you can have recurring characters for your tales.
Edit (7/11/2017): Added a Race list to catalogue the number of races that can be found in Sargasso.
Edit (8/19/2017): Added a Sargasso Supplements list.
Edit (3/3/2018): Changed up the formatting of the index, hopefully to make more visually interesting.
-Please Ignore this, I forgot that I can't have so many thumbnails in one journal.
Edit (3/15/2018): Added a section for all the current characters I have on the back-burner for this setting.

(---Sargasso Supplements---)

Planned Supplements
Multi-City Theory
The Vermin of Sargasso
The R-J.A.C.
Imhullu, The Killing Wind
The Daikaiju
The Cyberpunk District
Scribble City
The Big Boxes
Displaced Deities
The Warriors of Freyja
The Constables
The Beckoners
The Floridian Glades


(-The Brewborn-)
(-The Basura-)
(-The Zakos-)

(---Recurring Inhabitants---)

Skull Glider
Mummy Crystal
The Ectolian Ghost Eater
Baron Boudreaux
The Joint
Trash Ninja
Professor Allen Cal
The MUCCers
Doctor Marceline Magdalene
Token, The Red Cent
The Mechanical Storm
The Matriarchy
The Weird Boys
Leon of the Bu Lei
Mother Trucker
Chemo Crusader
The Primeval Torrent
Scribble City Sentries
Scratches Malone
Dubya, The Hungry God
Nitrox, The Plasma Edge
Pow Wow Percy
Benjamin, The Banner Bandit
Honest Kevin

(---Non-OS Inhabitants--)

All Hallows Eve
Miss Mash
The Santa Miguel Slasher


Note: These are open source characters created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish. You must also give creator credit.

Basic Premise: "A small-time criminal that attained The Screwball Mask (click here for the items list, it's at number 49). The mask itself is capable of great destruction, but the crook doesn't have that great an imagination on how to accomplish that."

Power Sword
Basic Premise: "What if the Power Rangers & their Megazord were shrunk down, with the Megazord shrunk to around average human size and the rangers just under the size of normal vermin?"

The Carbarians
Basic Premise: "Living Jalopies that have merges with a form of plant-life, allowing them to form limbs to grab weapons and have constant demolition derbies with both their target for raiding and each other."

The Night Witches
Basic Premise: "Actual, green-skinned witches that rode what are effectively re-purposed cropdusters instead of brooms that are part of an all female aerial unit that fought in WWII against the Nazis."

The Leadheads
Basic Premise: "A group of firearms fanatics that function under the assumption that while a certain melee weapon is awesome, it would be even more awesome if you stuck a gun or five on it."

Unicorn Girl
Basic Premise: "A female satyr who was granted the powers of a unicorn, but she has to remain chaste in order to keep her powers, which is difficult considering that she is a satyr and her constant dirty thoughts also cause her magic to not work at full capacity."

Basic Premise: "Teenage drug addict attains a case of the size-changing drug that he got his name from, though like The Amazing Colossal Man, he too has health problems relating to his increased size and also developing an addiction to the drug along with his other addiction to meth."
Open Source: Honest Kevin
Honest Kevin
Given Name: Kevin
Powers: Garbage Mimicry; Trash Swimming; Stench Generation; Body Storage; Enhanced Charisma; can somehow appear and disappear from inside any trash can and dumpster; And finally, when given different components, he can create unique Curios and/or infuse normal objects like baseball bats, steel pipes and even bricks with new, supernatural abilities.
Equipment: Whatever he has stored inside the can or dumpster he's currently residing in.
First Appearance: Deviantart (3/13/2018)

A Bag-Type Basura with the gift of gab, Honest Kevin has made claims of having "Kurios" that cannot be found at Tosher's Market or anywhere else but in his "Kurio Kiosk", which is usually a trash can or a dumpster he appears from. Though a lot of the times, when someone does make a trade with Kevin, the item they receive would actually be a cheap piece of crap or it has some kind of strange gimmick. An example being that if Kevin gave someone "Excalibur" during a trade, the person ends up finding out that "Excalibur" was actually more of a knockoff whose blade bends and crumples like cheap aluminum upon using it. An example of the latter would be when he trades what he describes as a "Soul Eating Sword", though when used, the sole of the victim's shoes would get absorbed into the blade instead of their soul.

Though one of the services Kevin can provide without fail is that, when given enough materials, he can actually create his own Curios that he sells for actual money. Some of the Curios he created are as such:

-An double-sided axe made from a metal baseball bat with two sharpened ice skate blade bolted on. The axe has the ability which, when thrown, can circle back into the thrower's hand like a boomerang.

-A megaphone made from a traffic cone and a handle from a coffee pot taped to it, that has runes etched in permanent marker on the megaphone's rim. This device amplifies the user's voice when spoken like an electronic megaphone, but also it increases the power of spells that require vocalization.

-A pair of blacksmith tongs made from a pair of 2' ft pieces of rebar and with runes etched into the handles. When the tongs have been closed, the head of the tongs starts glowing red like it came out of a forge and a large construct that looks and feels like a burning hot piece of metal, with it usually in the size and shape of a bastard sword's blade, which then crumbles away into slag when the tongs are opened. This function allows the tongs to be used as a bastard sword, but it can also be used for mid-ranged stabbing such as closing the tongs while it is aimed the head towards a target causes the construct to shoot forward into the target.

And it is this kind of service that's the reason why Kevin doesn't get immediately told to shove off or even pummeled into the dirt whenever he shows up to sell his wares."--)

Main Article: Sargasso, The Ever-Changing City

I kinda wanted to do a merchant character, one that both sells things like Final Fantasy's Excalipoor and can work as a blacksmith for your own character. That and his personality is like that of a carnival huckster, someone who can talk people into trading with him. If you want an idea for what his voice and his way of speaking is like, I recommend watching this video by Youtube personality, Ashens, where he reads from a 1969 Ellisdons Novelty Catalogue. Especially at 6:13 for how I imagine Kevin's voice would be.

This character was made using Hero Machine 3.

Honest Kevin is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use them any way you wish. You must also give creator credit.

The image is copyright AFD Studios/ and is posted here as a fair use reference.
Main Page: Sargasso, The Ever-Changing City

Some supplementary material to add to this setting besides characters and their stories, and there may or may not be more of these for different aspects of Sargasso. So for this part, I'm going to throw out some items that one could feasibly find in the Sea. These weapons I am releasing into the public domain, so do as you wish with them. Also, if you have your own ideas for artifacts to add to this list, please comment below and I'll add them to the list.

Edit (3/12/2018): Added 5 new items to the list, from number 46 to 50.

1. Brick of Returning
A seemingly ordinary brick with a plain metal ring on top that sticks to the brick like a magnet onto metal. When one wears the ring and throws the brick, the brick will return to the ring-wearing hand after going some distance or after it hits something. This weapon is favored by violent protestors, anarchists and other unruly individuals who wanted to participate in violent acts.

2. Hooligan's Brick
Not exactly a "Brick" in the traditional sense, more like several newspaper sheets from a tabloid magazine stacked and tightly rolled lengthwise. The resulting tube is bent in half to create a handle (a haft) and a rounded head at the fold. This weapon has the unusual ability to cause those wielding it to go into a berserker-like rage like those who are involved in Football Hooliganism. This effect is amplified if the wielder is even a casual fan of football.

3. Beelzebub's Staff
A petrified hog's head attached to a 5 foot pole made of carved driftwood. When calling the Lord of Flies' name, the head with spew either a mess of larger-than-normal maggots or a swarm of horse flies that will attack the wielder's target and die off after about a minute. The flies and maggots will attack anything else in the area if no target was aimed at. This staff was first found with the rotting, fly infested corpse of an adolescent teenager dressed in a raggedy, boarding school uniform, gripping the staff with both hands.

4. Revenant's Tombstone
A tombstone with the wielder's name and epitaph carved onto it. This weapon is usually wielded by those who could not pass on after a violent death. The tombstone is durable enough to be used as both a bludgeoning weapon and a shield without breaking on impact, but it will disintegrate after the Revenant gets his revenge on the one who killed them.

5. Magic Gun Fingers
A seemingly normal pair of leather gloves, both with a metal plate on top with "Colt .45" engraved on it. If the wearer were to have their fingers into the "Finger Gun" gesture, aimed it at the target, and shouted "Bang!", the target will feel pain as if they were actually shot, but no damage would be seen. These gloves were found in a small pine box that you would normally place a handgun in.

6. Shiv of Law
A shiv made from a sharpened, plastic shard of a food tray with cotton & paper-mache for a handle. Created by a former police officer who was imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit, this shiv has gained the unique ability to lengthen, sharpen and glow an eerie light when it detects hot spots of criminal activity. This shiv was found in a display case along with other prisoner-made weapons.

7. Amorphous Body Bag
A suspicious-looking body bag that looks occupied, but the zipper is stuck so no-one can see who or what is inside. While most sane people wouldn't want to hold, let alone touch this bag; those who use the bag as a weapon see that the bag can randomly morph into different melee weapons such as clubs, flails and axes.

8. Boots of Loot
A pair of seemingly normal leather boots. With each step the wearer takes, a penny will appear in any available pocket on their person. There is a 0.5% chance of a 1943 steel penny of appearing, which is worth around 100,000 US dollars.

9. Mammon's Silver Cent
A seemingly normal, 1943 steel penny. This cent allows the wielder to have telekinetic control over about 100,000 dollars worth of pennies or items made from the same materials as a penny.

10. Explorer's Mace
A mace with an old-style street light-esque head that can light up when one presses a button on the handle. Mostly used as a torch, the mace can be used as a magical weapon that can draw nocturnal insects towards it with it's light, "hypnotize" them, and have them fly around the wielder's enemies as a distraction.

11. C.A.H.R.A. (Cheap As Hell Robot Armor)
A robot costume made out of cardboard boxes, metal ventilation hoses, and duct tape, with permanent marker detailing things like an energy meter and the word "CAHRA" on the front. Despite it's appearance, The costume is actually durable enough to resist blows that can tear through solid steel with individual pieces having their own function. The torso has two, dinner plate-size black circles drawn on the back that can actually work as a jetpack. The arms & legs that can stretch independently and grant the wearer superhuman strength to the point of breaking through solid concrete, though without the torso and the legs for support, the wearer can't lift anything over a ton without sinking into the ground from the attempt. The feet & hands also have a black circle drawn on the bottom of each boot & palm, which also works as a thruster & flight stabilizer. And finally the head that has a functioning speaker drawn on the mouth area and on the inside, can create a digital interface that looks like it was drawn by a child with neon markers, with the added bonus of being able to fire laser beams from the eyes.

12. Plasma Card (by Title Known aka Thomas F Johnson)
A debit card with a razor on the top that has money added to it if it is “fed” with fresh blood. Depending on the blood type, this can add more or less money to the card. This card was found inside a wallet that was covered in dried blood stains.

13. Alakazoth (by Title Known aka Thomas F Johnson)
A Go-Bots Rock Lord-esque figure modeled after The Philosopher's Stone. He can come to life if transformed properly (No small feat considering that his transformation rivals the complexity of a Lemarchand’s box), and can do tasks for the user, including creating seals to summon or bind and transmuting matter with a touch. Found inside a box full of almost identical figures, but they were gold colored and were so brittle to the point of shattering or crumbling under minimal-stress conditions; Or in the most extreme cases, spontaneously crumble to small bits without any applied force at all.

14. Swimmer's Tome
A blue leather book that contains instructions on how to swim. Each chapter has a different set of instructions on how to swim through different substances such as Water, Sand, Dirt, Lava, Molasses, Coins, and strangely Trash. Though there is a warning on the first page saying that not everyone can use these techniques effectively, so they have to use them at their own risk.

15. The Lantern of Fear
A slightly larger then normal plastic Jack O' Lantern bucket. During the daytime, the bucket is nothing special. Though when the sun goes down, the bucket can grant supernatural powers based on the fears of those who recite the poem written inside while holding the bucket. Only those with enough courage can use their powers effectively, or risk the abilities granted overpowering them until sunrise. These powers gain strength when closer to midnight, even more so during Halloween night.
The poem is as follows:
"With trickster's wit and treater's delight.
No evil will evade my light.
To all the villain's, you better fear.
It's witching hour, and it's envoy is here."

16. Sargossian Diving Suit (Link for picture)
One of the very few bits of equipment that allows humanoids to swim in the Super Sargasso Sea like that of a Basura. What was once an old-fashioned, high-altitude pressure suit was found with a partially smashed human skeleton inside, bobbing in and out of the junk like a cadaver on the water.

17. Metamorphosis Audio Tapes
A series of hour long audio tapes. Each of the 30 tapes has a plain white label with names written with black permanent marker such as "Horse", "Mouse", "Dog", "Falcon", "Shark", "Man", "Woman", "Helicopter", "Airliner", "Assault Rifle" etc. After more then a couple of minutes of reciting mantras to relax the listener into the proper mental state, the narrator will start to describe a part of the listener's body changing, such as their hands becoming webbed then into a fin if they're listening to the "Dolphin" tape. And as they're listening, the listener's body actually starts to change along with the narrator's instructions. Though the tape does have a brief message during different points of the recording if the listener would like to stop or would continue listening to keep changing. When you are done listening, your body will remain in it's transformed state for a few hours before reverting back to normal. Though a few words of caution; one, if you listen to these tapes too many times, you may end up transforming at random points in time without an audio tape playing; and two, never listen to another tape right after you complete one, mostly because it will confuse your already transformed body and you will experience great discomfort during transition if not outright pain. That and you may end up becoming a horrible chimera and/or cyborg abomination depending on which tapes you play in succession.

18. The Sword of Farming
A plain & dirty looking long sword with a weathered edge lined with dirt. Though when struck onto a dirt field, the blade fires a wave of earth-toned energy that plows a straight line into the dirt for some distance, disintegrating any weeds and stones in it's way. When this blade is swung in the direction of flora, the wave of energy is fired and it cuts the plants down in one strike. This sword can be used as a weapon against plants and insects, but it will not harm anything else.

19. Wetschera (by Title Known aka Thomas F Johnson)
A Desert Eagle whose handle can break through almost any substance, and which can be thrown and return like Thor’s Hammer. Ironically, it is useless as an actual gun, as the barrel and clip are welded shut and cannot be opened. This bludgeon was found in a leather pistol holster with norse runes burned onto it.

20. Tiermes' Orb (by Title Known aka Thomas F Johnson)
A plasma globe that gives one the power to shoot waves of plasma out of their hands for one hour after touching it. The plasma waves faintly produce a smell like a mix between marijuana smoke and used underwear. This item was found in what looked like an abandoned novelty shop hidden under the Sea's surface that had other objects like clothing with unknown brands printed on them, bongs of various sizes and shapes, different styles of plasma globes and some... let's just say adult only artifacts.

21. The Codex Sanguis
A leather-bound tome with a painted skull and a pair of yellow gems on the cover. If one were to flip through this book, they would see that there many more pages then it appeared to have at first glance. The first hundred pages contained a kind of holy scripture to whatever religion the book was originally written for, while the other thousand pages are filled with nothing but 100 names written in blood and in multiple languages on each page. The very first page was written in several languages, but luckily English was one of them. It states that this book contains the souls of those who have fought for their sovereign, each signing their name with their own blood in the book's pages as proof of their loyalty. It also states that those who hold this book have control over each and every of them. This is shown as such: when commanded to do so, the book will produce multiple arms made from blood, each holding and attacking with several different weapons that date from the Middle Ages with swords, spears & crossbows; to the modern day with assault rifles, pistols & rocket launchers.

22. The Freischutz Bullets
A set of thirteen identical bullets. When fired, twelve of the thirteen bullets will always hit whatever target the shooter wants to hit. One bullet in this set will if fired, will hit whatever it wants, mostly someone the shooter has a close connection to.

23. The Masonry Shield
A surprisingly light, shield that looks like it was made from a section of a brick wall with different kinds of graphitti on the front and an adjustable strap & handle bolted on the back. When the user slams the shield's edge onto a flat, solid surface, the shield expands in size to create a brick wall thats about 10ft in width and height when in an open area, but it will stop growing when it hits another flat surface like another wall, the cealing or the floor. This brick wall can be slowly moved forwards and backwards with the user and it can retract back to it's more portable form by pressing the button on the handle. Other kinds of Wall Shields have been discovered such as Chain-Link Fences, Picket Fences, Electric Fences, Firewalls or the much more valuable Bombshelter Wall that can resist explosions up to a nuclear blast.

24. The One Phone
A jet-black smartphone with an inscription written on the back casing in orange letters of some kind of language that no one can currently understand. It runs just like an Earth Prime smartphone, with it's own apps for social media called "TalkieBits", a camera for selfies, and it's own information database called "All The Facts." But take heed for when one picks it up, unless one has a strong enough will to stop, the user will be addicted to using this phone. This addiction will result in the user having very quick fingers, will take pictures with the camera at random times, will stop eating or drinking, will speak in some bastardized form of English and focuses most of their brain power on the phone or more exactly, their social media account. This will also result in the user slowly becoming more detached to whatever is going on around them as they waste away, but the phone will never let them die. Those who try to seperate the phone from it's current holder will result in the holder becoming incredibly violent, screaming for the people to give back "their precious". People whose loved ones were destroyed by the phone have tried to destroy it, but nothing worked. So the phone is currently locked up in some place out of the reach of anyone who would be the next victim.

25. The Swords of Beowulf

A set of four weapons used by the monster slayer, Beowulf.
-Hrunting: A sword said to have possessed great power and was claimed to have never failed anyone who used it. Though some beasts are invulnerable against it. It is most effective when the user uses it as a thrusting weapon or when they throw it.
-Eoten: An enchanted blade forged by giants that can cut through most heavy armor and the weapon itself is almost unbreakable. The blade was reforged after it was melted from a monster's poisonous blood.
-Naegling: A gem-studded sword that King Hygelac gives Beowulf to celebrate his great deeds. The Blade was reforged after Beowulf broke it in half during his battle against a dragon.
-Kyngefon: A dagger used by Beowulf during his last battle with a dragon. The dragon's blood enchanted the blade, allowing the dagger to inflict deadly dragon poison on whatever it cuts.

26. The Barleycorn Spear
A strange spear that seemed to be designed after a stalk of barley with the spearhead designed after the grains. Those who wield this spear are able to either grow & harvest a large area of barley or summon identical spears from the ground for an attack that burst into normal stalks of barley after a few seconds. Close analysis of this spear reveal that it is indeed made from plant matter, but it's about as durable as a metal pole-arm with it's spearhead & abilities becoming sharper and more powerful during Harvest Season & The Harvest Moon.

27. Storm Stealer (Click here for picture)
A bluish sword with an irregular-shaped blade. While the shape of the blade is impractical for a normal sword, Storm Stealer's most prominent function is such: if a storm, both natural and created by "The Mechanical Storm" are in the area, holding Storm Stealer up towards the sky will cause the energy in the storm to be siphoned into the blade, making the storm itself die off. Storm Stealer then gains attributes from the storm currently contained inside the blade, such as thunderstorms creating powerful shockwaves with each swing; lightning storms make the blade crackle with added electricity & allow the sword to fire bolts of lightning; and snowstorms coat the blade in ice and can make the blade fire large blizzards. To use these powers, the storm energy inside the blade is used as a fuel source so there is a limit to how many times one can fire lightning before the sword needs to be recharged.

28. Fafnir's Ring
A cursed ring enchanted by the blood of a greedy dragon who died in their hoard. The wearer slowly becomes more and more greedy the longer s/he wears it. This also has the added effect of slowly transmuting the wearer into a dragon. If the transformation is complete before the ring's removal, The Demon of Greed, Mammon, will attain control over them as the ring's wearer will have lost their self will by then.

29. Mammon's Sampo
A device that creates different substances that resembles precious metals with the turn of a crank. While the resulting metals are not able to fool those with knowledge on precious metals like Dwarves, the faux metals can be used to pay the less knowledgeable with no loss of valuable currency.

30. Deflecto, The Anti-Metal Ointment
A bottle of some kind of grey-colored, skin ointment. When this ointment is applied to skin, any and all metals are repelled from the covered area, so things like bullets, metal pipes & knives cannot harm the user for a couple of hours. However, this ointment only works against metal objects, so things like stones, wooden baseball bats, and plastic bags will still be able to injure the user. Also if the user covered themselves completely and has problems like the need for heart surgery, then they're out of luck as surgical knives cannot penetrate the covered skin until it wears off.

31. Raging Bull's Bell
A red, slightly rusted & dented cowbell with a bull head symbol engraved on it. Whenever the bell is swung, it creates a red, ghostly, but physical construct of a bull's skull that is used as a bludgeon or to bust open doors.

32. Cleansing Gauntlet
A gauntlet blessed by Cloacina, The Goddess of Sanitation. These gauntlets are given to certain members of MUCC who have done substantial work. The main feature of this gauntlet is that when activated, the palm will start to gather a ball of blue, sudsy energy and when the wearer has gathered enough, they can throw it at their target. The energy has the power to cleanse and sanitize whatever it hits, but on flesh it will cause serious chemical burns.

33. Tactical Bagworm
A small worm-like organism that looks like a paracord bracelet. Much like a normal Bagworm, this creature is able to create a cocoon of foreign objects onto itself. Though the main difference between this and other Bagworms is that objects like firearms and electronics attached to the bagworm will be able to work in tandem with one another despite it looking like a mess of parts. People who use these worms for their own weapons first stick the worm on something like a handgun. Then if the worm is near other components, it will grow thin, but very strong tendrils that will attach to the components and retract them back onto the worm, which also adds an additional feature to the handgun. Though most of the time, the worm will end up creating an object similar to these attempts at tactical weaponry.

34. The Red Mirror
A mysterious red-bordered, full-body mirror that shows a very different kind of reflection when one looks upon it. Instead of a normal reflection, the environment is greyed and darkened while organic beings like humans are shown as nothing but their circulatory and nervous systems. Staring at this mirror for too long will result in the looker's own body becoming invisible, leaving only their nervous and circulatory systems to be seen. Their reflection will also change to reflect their old appearance.

35. Punji Gloves
A pair of leather gloves that have a kind of plating on top made from bamboo and this symbol "竹" drawn in ink on them. In layman's terms, these gloves can create energy constructs that resemble sharpened bamboo stakes. How these stakes manifest all depends on the proper hand motions. Thrusting your open palm forward will make the glove fire a single stake at a high speed towards the target. Holding your hand like you're gripping a melee weapon will make the stake extend from your grip, which the stake can be used as a spear or baton depending on what length you wish the stake can be. And finally with an open hand with an underhanded sweeping motion, stakes can manifest from the ground that rise up in whatever direction your arm was moving towards. The upper limit to the number of stakes is usually around 20 in a straight, compact line, though the number of stakes and the size of the line doubles when you use both hands.

36. The Scrap-Iron Throne (Click here for picture)
A throne said to have been from an ancient civilization that was inhabited by The Basura. Those who sat onto this throne, provided they had a tetanus shot previously, have said to have communicated with deities called The Offal Gods, deities that were born from The Sea itself. It is unknown how many Offal Gods are out there, but currently six other thrones have been uncovered, each dedicated to one specific god.

37. Gunge-Nir, The Plentiful
A spear made from a long, rusted pipe with a green, crystalline spearhead that's duct taped to the front end that also drips some kind of green slime. The spearhead is not only sharp enough to pierce through steel, but it can also produce much more slime when the spear is swung or thrusted and the slime has the capacity to create a foul smelling, but completely edible fungus onto wherever the slime lands on. This weapon is considered legendary among The Basura, as Gunge-Nir was one of the weapons of one of the Offal Gods: Garaban, The Chariot of Commerce.

38. Gollorr, The Mage's Roar
A megaphone made from a traffic cone and a handle from a coffee pot taped to it, that has runes etched in permenant marker on the megaphone's rim. This device amplifies the user's voice when spoken like an electronic megaphone, but also it increases the power of spells that require vocalization.

39. Hrami, The Ripper
A jury-rigged chainsaw that is known for it's supernatural sharpness, it's ability to not have it's chain snag, catch, or even jump off of objects like bone or metal as well as for being imbued with the spirits of 12 supernatural killers. A cut by The Ripper spreads across the victim's body until it rips the person apart into bloody chunks. Though this can be prevented with a drop of a virgin's blood that's applied to the cut.

40. The Techronomicon
A bulky, 1990s laptop with both schematics and magic inscriptions drawn on the casing. Using the art of Techromancy, this laptop is capable of having much more information storage and processing power then it was capable of before it's modifications. While the laptops are mostly to be used as electronic spell books, storage for schematics & other information and having a connection to Sargasso's internet, other versions of the Techronomicon do exist such as "The Techronomicon Ex Geimeus", which is more of a gaming PC that works with both CD & floppy disk games and has a library of abandoned and dead games on the device itself that the user can play.

41. Blood Drinker's Bayonet
Dubbed "The Mosquito", This bayonet can be attached to firearms such as rifles and shotguns and convert it into a makeshift spear, and if the bayonet is exposed to enough blood, the blood trails into the firearm's ammo chamber and is converted into the proper ammunition for the gun.

42. The Holy Water Sprinkler a.k.a. The GunMace (Click Here for Pic)
A large mace with four matchlock gun barrels built inside the head. Originally designed to be used by King Henry the VIII, this artifact was modified by a group of firearm fanatics called The Leadheads to make it able to fire more shots before reloading and have the mechanisms of more modern firearms to replace the matchlock. The Leadheads made a couple reproductions of the gun mace for sale, some with additional modifications such as professionally wrapped barbed-wire around the head or making the head of the mace metal and more spherical with electrostatic generators built in to electrify the head, the later which can result in the built in guns firing by themselves if built improperly.

43. Guardmaster's Lock
A rusty-looking padlock that when locked onto something like a chain-link fence, the padlock with create a barrier onto the fence which makes it not only slick enough to prevent people from climbing over it, but also prevents other objects like bullets from passing through the gaps.

44. Moon Curser's Torch
A type of metal rod that is designed after a street light. These rods can be used as a conduit for a magician's magic, though for those who aren't skilled in the mystic arts, the rods do come with a built in spell inside the rod's orb that can be used, with some rods able to contain multiple spells in separate orbs. Those rods however are hard to come by and harder to manufacture. There has been rumors about a specific Torch that is said to channel the mutations the wielder was granted by The Sea's energy into it, allowing it to cast spells based on said mutation.

45. The Hammer of Gawain (Click Here for Pic)
A red-hilted, two-handed sword that is stuck in a large block of marble. The writing on the marble block states that only the greatest of knights are able to free the blade from the block. However, due to it's current location in The City, having an actual knight come and pull the sword free is very unlikely, so those who wanted to become "The Greatest of Knights" have tried to remove the block with methods such as jackhammers and even using a pair of trucks and some tow chains to pull them apart, though the block wouldn't break and the trucks themselves end up ripping their flatbeds off from the attempt. Despite being stuck in the block, the weapon is light enough to be used as an effective bludgeon.

46. The Helms of the Fallen
A series of historical warrior helmets ranging from Vikings, Gladiators, Knights to even Samurai. Wearing one of these helmets allows the wearer to watch the life's story of the former wearer through their helmet's eye holes up until the moment of their death by combat. After that point, the vision starts right back at the beginning. Helmets such as these do fetch a pretty penny as a form of entertainment besides VHS tapes and DVDs, though only those with a strong stomach can watch, and it is highly advised that children do not wear these helmets for fear of traumatizing them.

47. The Traffic Lantern
A somewhat lighter version of a traffic light with a pair of carrying handles on the top and bottom so the device is held horizontally. The handles each have a trigger button that is located near where the thumb on the gripping hand would be and when pressed, the light nearest to the pressed button will fire an energy beam and when pressing both buttons at once, the middle light will fire the beam instead. Each light fires a different colored beam, and each of them have different effects:
-Fire Red: A fire-red beam that works as a heat ray.
-Amber Orange: An amber-colored beam that can considerably slow down whatever the beam continuously hits.
-Soothing Green: A green-colored beam that actually heals the injuries of whatever it hits.

There are other colored lenses that can replace any of the initial three and these also have different effects when fired.
-Lightning Yellow: A yellow-colored beam that is more like a constant stream of lightning.
-Concussion Clear: A colorless beam that functions as a concussion blast.
-Shrapnel Grey: A greyish stream of energy bullets that work similar to high speed shards of shrapnel.
-Blizzard Blue: An ice-blue beam that functions as a freeze ray.
-Bile Green: A puke green stream of gaseous energy that inflicts a sickening poison to whatever it hits.
-Garlic White: A garlic clove-colored concussion blast that gives of the smell of garlic. Perfect for fighting Vampiric creatures.

48. Yorick's Skull
A mummified arm holding an old, human skull. When the arm is squeezed, the hand opens as the skull launches out, collides with the target with the force of a cannon ball, and then it returns to the hand in one piece.

49. The Screwball Mask (Click Here for Pic)
A strange kind of mask that when worn, the wearer gains the power to create and manipulate screws, baseballs & baseballs with screws in them. Though this isn't limited to just normal screws and baseballs, as the wearer can create baseball bombs that explode with screw shrapnel and also if they wish to go into close quarters combat, they can create two massive screws around their hands that can function as drills.

50. Macromax
A type of drug that when injected via needle to the vein, it can warp the injectee's biology, increasing their size and mass to around 30 ft in height which will last for about 2 hours. However, under no circumstances should the drug be ingested as it can cause the person's stomach to grow long before the rest of the body can to the point where the stomach breaks out of the drinker's torso into the size of a minivan.

(---Items by other people---)

Note: please give this contributor(s) credit if you use these.

(--by BasseoG--)

1. A single shot flintlock. One pull of the trigger fires it. The next causes the bullet to suddenly tear itself out of whatever the prior shot had embedded it in and hurl backwards back into the gun allowing it to be fired again.

2. The Anything Gun Kit. The metal parts are the actual device. A kit that you could use to turn random objects into firearms. Just slap on the attaching trigger, barrel etc and then say the activating word to instantly assemble or disassemble. Furthermore, what object used influences what the projectiles consist of. For example, in the picture shown, the bullets would consist of carved wood from a banana tree and sticking it on magical items and/or materials leads to bullets with their effects. Reloading is impossible but unnecessary as there is effectively unlimited ammunition. However, when the mechanical parts of the gun are disassembled from the random object, all bullets it previously fired vanish to prevent some munchkin from sticking it on a gold bar, visiting a shooting range and breaking the local economy.

3. A talking sword. Sort of. The original enchantment was meant to make it self-aware and capable of speech, but it apparently didn't work properly.
It makes a loud "schwinggg" sound when drawn from its scabbard and little high-pitched "brrring" noises when brandished. It's just a voice saying "shwing!" Keeps making lightsaber noises with it's nonexistent mouth as you wave it around. Still a perfectly functional sword despite that though.

4. A matching pair of keys. As long as both keys are inserted into the locks of separate doors at the same time, the doors are connected by a portal until one or both of them is closed.

5. A large crate made of some unknown transparent material with a removable lid, when you place objects inside and close the lid, they turn to solid gold. When you attempt to remove the items they return to their former state. Organic matter converted to gold and back again survives the process, allowing for using the crate as a form of stasis or refrigeration.

6. A piece of garroting string. Choking something to death with it replaces the user's voice with that of whatever they killed. Getting their original voice back is impossible and if they ever kill something which can't talk, neither can they unless they strangle another victim who can. Signature weapon of an order of assassins.

7. Shard of the sky. A tiny fragment of what looks like broken glass and but is apparently indestructible. Instead of a reflection, it displays a miniature version of the weather at its current location.
If it is raining, the Shard will be slightly damp and slick. If it is snowing or something similar, it will be cold, and may even be as slippery as ice. If the day is overcast, it will be somewhat cool to the touch, and the air in several inches around it will be cooled down or warmed to a refreshing and pleasant temperature. If it is sunny, the surface will be visible even in darkness, and will glow softly.

8. A sentient and talking magic sword. Looks incredibly sinister and ominous and is greatly enthusiastic in providing (bad) advice to its owner suitable for being an Evil Overlord.
    "YEEEES, dark one! Murder them all, leave only the children to tell of your evil!"

    "A good idea! These children whose parents I have murdered, it will be years before they are old enough to oppose me. Living their lives under my iron-fisted rule will break their spirit. By the time they are old enough to pursue a campaign of revenge against me, they won't have the spine for it anymore. "

    "You give me good advice, unspeakable evil sword. I am glad to call you friend."
    "Doublecross the assassin's guild! Show them who the TRUE master of sudden death without warning is!"

    "Kidnap the princess! With her at your side, you'll surely sway over the peasants for yourself. I recommend locking her up until she loves you!"

    "Ah, the good old stockholm syndrome, I've read about that back in University. What a glorious Idea my trusted sword."
    "Simple oh Ruthless One! You should send your servants after this 'hero' weakest to strongest, so as to conserve your resources!"

    "I don't know, shouldn't I just kill him?"

    "Who's the ancient artifact of Pure Evil here?"
    "You could just use me to kill him now, O Evil One, but is that an appropriate demonstration of your majestic evil? Why not construct an elaborate, grandiose death trap to imprison the adventurer in? With your genius there's no way he could escape!"
The owner is under no obligation to pay attention to any of the advice. The sword now hangs as a wall decoration in a restaurant since the restaurant's owner inherited it from their great-grandparents who slew the evil overlord who initially wielded it and spends its time ineffectively trying to encourage patrons to pick it up and conquer the world slaughtering all in their path.

9. Teleporting potion of teleportation - A tiny bottle of a potion, which if drunk while the drinker is concentrating on a specific location, they'll be teleported there. Unfortunately, the effect of the potion has somehow influenced the bottle containing it. Every few seconds, it'll randomly teleport itself to a flat surface capable of supporting its weight within a twenty-meter radius of its prior location. As a result, after being brewed, it immediately vanished and is now randomly traveling around the world. Good luck catching it.

10. A ring which when worn will make it impossible for anyone to recognize the wearer. Basically, they'll notice that the wearer exists but they won't be able to keep track of or remember any recognizable traits the wearer has as long as the ring remains on. If the wearer is photographed, the picture will inevitably come out blurred.

11. A pair of identical devices resembling compasses, but without directional markings. Instead of pointing north and/or towards magnetic fields, each device's needle will point in the exact direction of the other device.

12. A bag of hollow spheres the size of large marbles made of some unknown matte black material resembling blown glass. The spheres continually feel cold. Light and heat which hits a sphere is absorbed and will be later released simultaneously when the sphere is broken with explosive results. “Charge” a sphere by leaving it in a fire and it can be used like a grenade. Unfortunately there's no way of telling how much energy a sphere has already absorbed short of detonating it and there's the possibility that at least one of them has been significantly overcharged.

13. A monocle and glass eye. When wearing the monocle, the viewpoint from the eye it covers is replaced with that from the fake eye.

14. A comic book, entirely blank. When it comes into contact with a drop of blood from any individual, it changes to show all events that happened to them in the last week, drawn in comic style, complete with text and thought bubbles. After a week's time the effect wears off and it reverts to being blank, ready to be used again. Useful for questioning.


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